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videoconferencing system


In the modern world, when time became precious than anything else) man began to think of a new technology by which he will be virtually present at the site of his desire without undertaking the strain and loss of the travel. The outcome of such a thought is the videoconferencing technology This new technology is a result of combining the strength and powers of a number of technologies namely communication, networking, video/audio coding and software!) The response and growth of the technology in the present decade is reflecting in its diversified application and it can be rightly called as technology to the present century.

Brief survey of videoconferencing system

Back in the 1960's AT&T introduced the concept of video conferencing at the Newyork World fair and the name given was 'picture phone'. During 1970's full motion two way closed circuit video emerged in boardroom environment. In 1980's by the development of digital TV and progress in compression algorithms circuit based video conferencing appeared. By 1990 with the popularity of multimedia and packet switching networks desktop video system emerged. The latter half of this decade witnessed the development of videoconferencing products by world's leading computer companies like Intel, Apple etc.

Thinking of the potential of the system, World Trade Center (WTC) Mumbai has introduced video conferencing system in March 1997.

What is Video Conferencing?
Video conferencing may be defined as the dynamic exchange of all kinds of information, text, graphics, audio, video etc. in a context of structured conversation organized by item and allowing a participant to contribute spontaneous responses to any item in the conversation. The goal of such a structure of online conversation .nay be decision-making, technical support, community building, project management, distance education, electronic meeting and much more.

An overview of the report
In this seminars titled "Video conferencing system" a theoretical approach has been adopted. Rather than giving a generalized overview of the videoconferencing techniques, its engineering aspects have been discussed. In chapter-1 various types of videoconferencing systems and their features are mentioned. This is followed by the detailed study of a typical video conferencing system in chapter-2. Chapter-3 describes the PC based videoconferencing and its features. The recent trends and versatility application of this emerging technique is presented in chapter-4. Finally the scope, potential and future role of videoconferencing technology in overall communication strategy has also been discussed.
Submitted by
Ajay Kumar

 What is Videoconferencing?

Videoconferencing is a medium where two or more people at different locations can meet face-to-face in real time.
 Offers new possibilities to connect with guest speakers and experts.
 Can make relevant learning opportunities more accessible and exciting.
Module Focus
This module demonstrates how videoconferencing can be used to obtain authentic information.
 Discovery and Restoration
 Imagine taking a class on a field trip to gather information about a sunken ship.
 Imagine being able to ask questions of an expert.
Why Videoconference?
 Videoconferencing provides students with the opportunity to learn with experts rich in knowledge and experience.
 Such experts are often in distant places.
 Why Videoconference?
 Videoconferencing provides students with an opportunity to observe the discovery of authentic artifacts in real time, which stimulates active learning behaviors.
Be Prepared…
 Do your homework . . .

develop questions before the conference.
 Then . . .
ask the experts.
 Design a Videoconference Activity
 Conservation
 Restoration
 Methodology
 Artifact Excavation
 Reconstruction
A Videoconference Activity Promotes:
 Attention – varied instruction sustains student interest
 Authenticity – interaction with the real world increases motivation
 A Videoconference Activity Promotes:
 Confidence – success through participation
 Realistic Outcomes – authentic learning opportunities provide real world results
A Videoconference Activity Promotes:
 Combining lecture with interactive learning activities ensures that content is covered while engaging students and giving them real world experiences.
A Videoconference Activity Promotes:
 Actively involving learners early and often requires student engagement in discussion.
 Planning for the Videoconference
 Develop a script
 Post an agenda
 Planning for the Videoconference
 Assign authentic tasks
 Connect with experts
 Link to primary sources
 Planning for the Videoconference
 Develop interview questions
 Interview the expert
 Record answers
 Site Preparation:
 Be sure all sites have the necessary hardware/software/supplies needed to deliver the videoconference.
 Be sure people in all sites, guests and students, are visible to one another.
How often should video-conferencing be used?
 Varies with content
 Varies with student activities
 Advantages of Videoconferencing
2. The planning required for videoconferencing contributes to the quality of student’s learning experience
 Advantages of Videoconferencing
3. Students have the opportunity to interact with the experts in a particular field of study.
 Advantages of Videoconferencing
4. Videoconferencing accommodates a variety of different learning styles through several modalities.
 Advantages of Videoconferencing
5. Videoconferencing affords students the opportunity to develop and improve various communication skills.
 Advantages of Videoconferencing
6. Videoconferencing maximizes time and resources.
 Some Final Thoughts…
Be ready to explore and use these new videoconferencing opportunities to enhance student learning.
Some Final Thoughts…
Be prepared to devote time and thought before and after the videoconferencing activity.
 Some Final Thoughts…
Be passionate and enthusiastic about the education of your students.
 Some Final Thoughts…
Believe in the possibilities of videoconferencing to motivate students.
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