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dsp projects matlab

A. 3D Synthetic Environment.
B. A High Performance Implementation of MPEG-1 Layer 3 Audio Encode.
C. AC drive.
D. Acoustic Echo Cancellation algorithm 7 Implementation using DSP.
E. 5 Acoustic liquid level gauge.
F. Adaptive channel equalization.
G. Advanced LCR meter using DSP techniques.
H. Alu design using VHDL.
I. Audio signal processing.
J. Automatic collision avoider.
K. Binaural sound localization.
L. Biologically plausible pitch perception.
M. Biopmetric finger print system.
N. Biometric smart camera.
O. Cellular communication simulator b using MATLAB.
P. Channel Implemention.
Q. Character display .
R. Class 5 accuracy data acuation.
S. Cochlea Implants.
T. Command and control using voice recognition.
U. Counter design.
V. CPU design.
W. Data compression.
X. Data transmission through power line.
Y. Delta modulation.
Z. Detection of human speech in structured Noise.
AA. Digitale AC motor control.
BB. Digital Scanner.
CC. Digitale signal processing aid for labs.
DD. 30 Doppler correction.
EE. 31. DSP based data acquisition system.
FF. 32. DSP based ECG Monitor.
GG. 33. DSP based image processing.
HH. 34. DSP based Karaoke system.
II. 35. DSP based medical announcement system.
JJ. 36. DSP based modems.
KK. 37. DSP based multi channel monitoring system.
LL. 38. DSP based signal analyzer.
MM. 39. DSP based voice transmission system.
NN. 40. DSP function generator.
OO. 41. DSP based digital Equalizer.
PP. 42. Digital signals processing demonstrator.
QQ. 43. DTMF code generator & detection.
RR. 44. Error correction coding using convoultion encoding and VITERBI decoding.
SS. 45. Eror correction coding using trellis ecoding and VITERBI decoding.
TT. 46. Estimation of aircraft trajectory from itsmotion using KALMAN TRACKING FILTER>
UU. 47. Eseimation of energy using sub band coding.
VV. 48. FFT design.
WW. 49. FIR & IIR firlters design.
XX. 50. FSK modulation & demodulation.
YY. Robust DWT-SVD Domain Image Watermarking: Embedding Data in All Frequencies
ZZ. Textural Features for Image Classification
AAA. Implementation of a Wimax Simulator in Simulink
BBB. MACAW: A Media Access Protocol for Wireless LANâ„¢s
CCC. Doubly Fed Induction Generator Using Back-To-Back PWM Converters and Its Application to Variable Speed Wind-Energy Generation
DDD. Image Segmentation by Data Driven Markov Chain Monte Carlo
EEE. Robust Image Watermarking Based On Multiband Wavelets and Empirical Mode Decomposition
FFF. Grid Optical Burst Switched Networks (GOBS)
GGG. A Lossless Data Compression and Decompression Algorithm and Its Hardware Architecture
HHH. Colorization by Example
III. A Comparative Study Between Wavelet And Contourlet Transform Features For Textural Image Classification.
JJJ. Wireless LAN Medium Access
KKK. Control (MAC) and Physical Layer
LLL. (PHY) Specifications
MMM. Achieving MAC Layer Fairness in Wireless Packet Network
NNN. Colorization Using Optimization
OOO. Hierarchical Contour Matching For Dental X-Ray Radiographs
PPP. A System for Human Identification from X-Ray Dental Radiographs
QQQ. A Review of Routing Protocols for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
RRR. Automatic Generation Control of Interconnected Power System Using Ann Technique Based On “Synthesis
SSS. Discrete-Time Linear Parameter Varying Control Of Doubly-Fed Induction Generators
TTT. Blocking Probabilities of Optical Burst Switching Networks Based On Reduced Load Fixed Point Approximations
UUU. Automatic Recognition of Exudative Maculopathy Using Fuzzy Cmeans Clustering and Neural Networks
VVV. Computer-Aided Shape Analysis and Classification of Weld Defects in Industrial Radiography Based Invariant Attributes and Neural Networks
WWW. Optimized Software Implementation of A Full-Rate IEEE 802.11a Compliant Digital Baseband Transmitter on A Digital Signal Processor
XXX. Performance of Optical Burst Switched Networks for Grid Applications
YYY. A Hybrid Time Divisioning Scheme for Power Allocation In DMT-Based DSL Systems
ZZZ. DUCHA: A New Dual-Channel MAC Protocol for Multihop Ad Hoc Networks
AAAA. Active Noise Cancellation with a Fuzzy Adaptive Filtered-X Algorithm
BBBB. Adaptive Routing In Dynamic Ad Hoc Networks
CCCC. An FPGA-Based Architecture for Real Time Image Feature Extraction
DDDD. Signal Adaptive Subband Decomposition for Adaptive Noise Cancellation
EEEE. Implementation of IEEE802.1x in MATLAB
FFFF. Profiling Delay and Throughput Characteristics of Interactive Multimedia Traffic over Wlans Using MATLAB
GGGG. An Efficient Data Extraction Mechanism for Mining Association Rules from Wireless Sensor Networks
HHHH. CIC Filter Introduction
IIII. Call Admission Control Optimization in Wimax Networks
JJJJ. Contention-Based Qos MAC Mechanisms for VBR Voip in IEEE 802.11e Wireless Lans
KKKK. An Area-Efficient Universal Cryptography Processor for Smart Cards.
LLLL. Design and Analysis of Bit Interleaved Coded
MMMM. Space-Time Modulation
NNNN. A Real-Time Adaptive Learning Method for Driver Eye Detection
OOOO. Real-Time System for Monitoring Driver Vigilance
PPPP. Erlang Reduced Load Model For Optical Burst Switched Grids
QQQQ. The Contourlet Transform for Image De-Noising Using Cycle Spinning
RRRR. Wavelet-Based Contourlet Transform and Its Application to Image Coding
SSSS. Adaptive Nonlinear Congestion Controller for a Differentiated-Services Framework
TTTT. Fast Handoff Support in IEEE 802.11 Wireless Networks
UUUU. On The Design of A Multi-Mode Receive
VVVV. Digital-Front-End for Cellular Terminal Rfics
WWWW. Optical Burst Switching for Consumer Grids
XXXX. Fuzzy Based PID Controller Using MATLAB for Transportation Application
YYYY. An Improving Model Watermarking With Iris Biometric Code
ZZZZ. Multiscale Feature Analysis Using Directional Filter Bank
AAAAA. Image & Sound Compression Using
BBBBB. Wavelet Transform
CCCCC. Modeling Sigma-Delta Modulator Non-Idealities In Simulink
DDDDD. Image Segmentation Using Iterative Watersheding Plus Ridge Detection
EEEEE. Signal Processing-Oriented Topics (Spots) For MIMO Wireless Communications
FFFFF. Mobility Management Techniques for the Next Generation Wireless Networks
GGGGG. VLSI Architecture and Chip for Combined Invisible Robust and Fragile Watermarking
HHHHH. Non-Symmetric Decompanding for Improved Performance of Companded OFDM Systems
IIIII. Implementation of IEEE 802.11 A WLAN Baseband Processor
JJJJJ. Content Based Image Retrieval Using Contourlet Transform
KKKKK. VLSI Architecture and FPGA Prototyping of a Digital Camera for Image Security and Authentication
LLLLL. A Performance Study of Mobile Handoff Delay in IEEE 802.11-Based Wireless Mesh Networks
MMMMM. Backup Path Set Selection in Ad Hoc Wireless Network Using Link Expiration Time
NNNNN. Impact of Heavy Traffic Beyond Communication Range in Multi-Hops Ad-Hoc Networks
OOOOO. Performance Improvement in Wireless Networks Using Cross-Layer ARQ
PPPPP. Analysis of IEEE 802.11e for Delay Sensitive Traffic in Wireless Lans
QQQQQ. Sphere Detection in MIMO Communication Systems with Imperfect Channel State Information
RRRRR. Novel Channel Interference Reduction in Optical Synchronous FSK-CDMA Network Using a Data-Free Reference
SSSSS. An Adaptive Coherent Receiver for MPSK/MDPSK over the Nonselective Rayleigh Fading Channel with Unknown Characteristics
TTTTT. Code Shift Keying Impulse Modulation for UWB Communications
UUUUU. Wireless Mesh Networks: A Survey
VVVVV. Performance of Coded Multi-Carrier DS-CDMA Systems in Multi-Path Fading Channels
WWWWW. A VLSI Architecture for Visible Watermarking in a Secure Still Digital Camera (S2DC) Design
1 Introduction
As data converters become faster and faster, the application of narrow-band extraction from
wideband sources, and narrow-band construction of wideband signals is becoming more
important. These functions require two basic signal processing procedures: decimation and
interpolation. And while digital hardware is becoming faster, there is still the need for
ecient solutions. Techniques found in [CR83] work very well in practice, but large rate
changes require very narrow band lters. Large rate changes require fast multipliers and
very long lters. This can end up being the largest bottleneck in a DSP system.
In [Hog81], an ecient way of perfoming decimation and interpolation was introduced.
Hogenauer devised a
exible, multiplier-free lter suitable for hardware implementation, that
can also handle arbitrary and large rate changes. These are known as cascaded integratorcomb
lters, or CIC lters for short.
This paper sumarizes the ndings published in [Hog81]. An overview can also be found in
[Fre94]. An extension of CIC lters has been published in [KJW97], and is brie
y mentioned
here. When in doubt, the reader should refer to these sources.
2 Building Blocks
The two basic building blocks of a CIC lter are an integrator and a comb. An integrator is
simply a single-pole IIR lter with a unity feedback coe cient:
y[n] = y[n
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